Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eric's T.F.M. "Double Deuce" Artwork

It started late last year when Eric Hornung of Anti Hero Electric Tattoo emailed to ask if I'd mind if he worked on some T.F.M. inspired artwork?  Of course I didn't but really had no idea what Eric might send.

I didn't have long to wait before Eric started giving me glimpses at what he had in mind.  Immediately when I saw the design it reminded me of a microbrew label and thus the T.F.M. "Double Deuce" was conceived.  

The design coming together.

I really liked the addition of the mayfly and felt that it really completed the design.

The "Double Deuce" was near perfect but the blue sky and clouds had to go.  I routinely work on T.F.M. very late at night and those big mayflies don't dance in the daylight either. 

The final cut of the "Double Deuce" artwork and I dig it a lot.  Thanks again Eric for taking the time to work this out over and over until it was completely right. 

I'm working on a couple possible projects to use with the "Double Deuce" artwork so stay tuned for that.

Follow Eric Hornung on his website and the Art of Eric Hornung Facebook page as well. 


Peter said...

Now that would be one cool decal :-)

james deloria said...


El Rakeman said...

That would be a great "middle of my Tahoe's back window" decal...if I had a Tahoe....

dk said...

Wow that looks great!!

jj wassom said...

I agree with Peter and El, I would love one of those on my Ultimate 12! One for each side of the trailer would be nice too!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Peter...I'm working on it.

James...Eric does excellent work.

El Rakeman...I'm sure you can put it on something.


jj wassom...I'm on it.