Monday, October 10, 2011

The Season 2

Last night I re-watched The Season in it's entirety while doing some paperwork at the house and then started on the first few episodes of The Season 2.  These short story films work together like a puzzle and it's neat to see all the pieces fit into place.  

Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith are collaborating together with another set of twenty-two episodes of The Season 2 and are skillfully telling the stories of five athletes including angler Ryan Peterson who shows up in Episode 10 as he begins his search for the elusive Kalmath River steelhead.  

It begins...The Season 2.1 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Each episode premiers on the Arc'teryx website or you can also subscribe through iTunes as well.

Watch.  Enjoy.

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