Sunday, October 9, 2011

T.F.M. Spotting - Shane's Salmon Trip

The week before last we got a look at the Yellow Glass Series eight weight that Shane Gray at Graywolf Rods had built special for his yearly salmon trip to northern Michigan.

Today we get to see one of the beast king salmon that Shane caught on the fiberglass eight weight while representing for the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest.

Shane admits now that he wishes he had built a nine or ten weight as the salmon this year were larger than usual and he needed a little more stick to put against them.

Check out more from the trip on the Graywolf Rods Blog and Facebook page.

Postscript - As I've mentioned before rod builders, Shane Gray in particular, can't let a fly rod sit in the corner and is offering this lightly used Yellow Glass eight weight for $425 shipped.  Someone is going to get a $100 discount on this build since Shane put a bend in it for a weekend.  Contact Shane by email if interested.   

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