Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Float On The Yakima River

For the past year or so I've had a couple Kabuto Rods demos (7033 and 8053) which have made their way around the United States a few times to prospective customers.   Send me an email if you might like to demo one of these before buying. 

Last month Derald Lo gave the Kabuto Rods 8053 demo and his McFarland Rods 9'2" five weight a workout on the Yakima River and sent this report.

Derald wrote...  "I had both the loaner Kabuto 8053 and my McFarland 9'2" three piece five weight on the Yakima River on a glorious fall day with pretty decent fishing too.  BWO's and the October Caddis were out and the trout were really active.  Originally had the loaner Kabuto set up as my dry fly option with a Nautilus FW5 and a S.A. Textured six weight forward line with size 18 dry behind big orange stimulator.  The McFarland was set for nymphing little BWO's.  I missed a few nymph takes with the McFarland and was wondering if that was due to the tip being a bit softer than I'm used to (this would make a great spring creek rod).   It is a mending machine!  Also, playing fish on it was excellent in terms of tippet protection and feel.  I switched it to the dry fly set up and it actually felt better suited for that."

"Then I took a turn with the Kabuto.  To be honest, I wasn't overwhelmed by the casting of the Kabuto at first.  A bit heavy feeling (especially in the tip) and I had a hard time getting a delicate presentation as well as over shooting my targets a few times.  Then I straightened the hook out on  a size 18 Adams on the Kabuto with the drag set right on a Nautilus reel on a REALLY nice bow that jumped a few times before the hook shot back at me.  Shortly thereafter my brother had a three or four inch salmon smolt get ripped by a bow so we both decided to try streamers.  Thinking about the power and the heavier tip feeling, I decided to put a short sink tip and 3X on the Kabuto and threw it as a streamer rod the last two hours of the day and loved it! Every run had a taker or two.  The heavy tip handled a weighted sclupzilla well and the aggressive takes. I didn't really expect that out of the Kabuto."

Beautiful images and it's been interesting to read reviews and thoughts on the Kabuto Rods 8053 from so many different anglers and casters over the last year and a half.

Derald's long McFarland Rods black glass five weight sounds intriguing as well.

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