Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two New Cortland Lines I'd Like To Try

This past August while at IFTD, I spoke with Nate Dablock of Cortland and he walked me through the new product line up for 2012.

I've always liked Cortland fly lines and the two highlights for me were the new Trout Boss and Liquid Crystal fly lines.

The Trout Boss is available in lines four through eight weights, employs the new HDT "Heat Dissipation Technology", and has a sixty-five foot head.  This fly line should shine on short accurate casts, long mends, and as an indicator fly line as well.  Truly a get work done type fly line. 

The Liquid Crystal is a totally clear fly line in weights six through twelve and designed for both tropical and warmwater applications.  Supposedly this fly line stays supple in cooler fishing and water conditions than other clear fly lines which for me would allow use on ponds and lakes for bass and then the coast for redfish.  This fly line uses the PE+ technology for shootability and distance in casting.

Both fly lines should be available online and at your local Cortland dealer in the coming month or so and I'll hopefully end up with a couple to see if they are as good as they sounded at IFTD.


Dustin's Fly Box said...

That liquid crystal looks like a sweet line

Cameron Mortenson said...

DFB...I agree. I can think of a few uses for it around here.