Monday, November 21, 2011

Steelhead On Glass

Late last week Todd Hirano, a.k.a. "808steelheadher" joined the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum with a stellar intro post on fly fishing for steelhead in the P.N.W. with his vintage Fenwick big sticks and clicker reels.

Todd wrote... "I began my fly fishing career using two glass rods on small streams in Montana and Oregon and even used them on the Deschutes River.  Of course the allure of high tech graphite took over my desire to own the latest and greatest and my two little Fenwick fly rods sat on the sidelines for almost two decades.  

Just for a change of place I decided to use my FF756 for steelhead this summer and got a couple hatchery summer runs on the Willamete. I was surprised at how well this rod handled fishing for steelhead.

I love doing something different than most of my peers and the glass road is a fun ride!"

Check out this Fiberglass Flyrodders thread for more photos and discussion on fly fishing for steelhead on glass and click and pawl fly reels.

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808steelheader said...

Thanks for posting my pics and comments on your blog. You're doing a great job on here, lots of valuable info and great presentation.

Come join me in chasing Oregon steelhead on glass someday.