Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christian's Kabuto Rods 7033 Build

I've told him over and over but until Christian Hörgren of Sweden starts his own website or blog, I'll happily share his ever interesting collection of fly rods and fly reels on T.F.M.

Christian recently finished building on a Kabuto Rods 7033 blank and it couldn't be more striking and different.

Christian wrote...  "Some brief comments on the rod. The blank has a soft and smooth action and balances nicely. It can probably be used for both stoneflies and medium sized caddies, not only dries. I own already two other Kabuto fly rods, and I like his blend of bamboo power and a more subtle, progressive Winston feeling."

"I wanted to build this rod in a classic fiberglass style with spiral wraps and an all metal reel seat. This would actually call for a Mildrum Carboloy stripper guide but I decided to go for a red agate guide I found at home. It is hard to make it sparse without making it boring. This is a challenge I always like in rod building."

"I’m very happy with the grip. It's the only part on a pre-built blank where a rod builder really has the possibility to make a design statement, approaching both formal and functional issues.  The rest is decoration - or has already been designed by someone else.  I wanted a thin grip allowing a deep flex all the way down to the pinkie.  Still I wanted a good rest for the thumb, giving power and control when throwing at a distance."

"I would love to learn how to make the hardware all by myself.  It will probably take many years from now, but I can live with that.  It’s very inspiring to see the works of great custom builders with metal skills, like Matt Leiderman and Tom Pipic."

Check out the previous T.F.M. posts regarding this build coming together from the start.


I bet Yasuyuki of Kabuto Rods must really be getting a kick out of seeing so many different variations and styles of builds on his most excellent blanks.


Eunan said...

Holy schmokes, that clear and red is the most striking rod i've seen. Absolutely beautiful. i want it. NOW.

BTW. I got me shirt the other day. Fits like a glove. Thanks

ratfacedmcdougal said...

I wanted to say Striking but I was beat to it . So Ditto. Didn't let on where the reel seat came from by chance.

Cameron Mortenson said... is quite striking indeed. Glad that the TFM t-shirt arrived. Thanks for representing.

RFMcD...I believe the reel seat is vintage Winston hardware.

Rachelle Wolff said...

Wow, this is stunning! Do you take orders and what would a rod like this cost for you to make?