Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Appetite Small Mouth

I have a growing fascination in smallmouth bass and this soon to be released DVD from Mangled Fly Media looks like it could be well worth a watch.

To purchase click HERE.


Steven Smith said...

Funny, I posted the same video today. I saw it over at forum. I want to see the whole thing!

Mat Trevors said...

I'm looking forward to it to.

My growing fascination with smallies is becoming borderline obsessive, when you start looking at my Instapaper feed, books stacked on nightstand, gear being accumulated (including boat) and material on my tying bench!

Cameron Mortenson said...'s a great trailer so I'm not surprised. I've got to spring for the DVD now.

Mat...I agree. There is a slightly underground smallmouth fishery here which I intend to do some research on this summer.

Mat Trevors said...

Hoping I can load up some gear & the dog in the truck & head your way for redfish & possibly investigate this underground smallmouth fishery you speak of with you someday in the future!

tinman said...

Nice river boat !

I luv native river bronze backs two hand swung fly and top water

Guess I am half robot as these match passwords are a pita. Really need two?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mat...get down here and we'll figure it out together. must have messed up the first anti-spam password since you should only have to do once. They really help cut down on the spam comments.