Friday, March 23, 2012

Richardson "Comrade Edition" Chest Box

Photographer and foodie Justin Ide sent a few snaps of his "Comrade Edition" Richardson Chest Fly Box along with a few lines of explanation of his background as an angler and why he likes this wonderfully unique piece of angling gear.

Justin wrote...  "It was during a tumultuous time in my life, in the mid-90's when a very good friend of mine, John Wilcox, taught me about fly fishing.  I'd grown up fishing, living a block from the Connecticut River in Middletown, CT dunking worms and occasionally slinging lures at places like the Salmon River in Colchester, CT.  I had never picked up a fly rod until sometime late in 1996, when I was in the middle of raising a child, getting divorced and finding myself professionally as a staff photographer at The Boston Herald."

"Fly fishing became the ultimate release for me away from a camera. My life until then had revolved almost entirely around a camera, and fly fishing provided a release from that, and a way to enjoy nature again."

"I think photographers and fly fisherman are cut from the same cloth, and it so happens that John Wilcox, my fly fishing mentor, was a photographer as well. I think photographers and fly fisherman share many of the same traits, among them the wild obsession with gear. As photographers we are constantly looking for the newest camera body, the greatest bag or the latest most amazing gizmo. And in the parallel world of fly fishing, bags, waders, fly boxes and zingers fill that need."

"After my first season of fly fishing I decided that it was going to be something that I would end up doing forever, so investments for the future were important to me. I've struggled with different vests and ways to carry what I needed on the river, and not carry what I didn't need, and the Richardson Chest Box does such a good job. Mine is a " Joe Humphreys" version with four trays. If you are looking for a different way to carry your load, and don't mind being forced to carry less rather than more, a Richardson Chest Box is the way to go."

Check out the Justin Ide Photography website and for where's he's eating follow along on the F2% Blog as well. 


Mike said...

Great shots. I have the same Oasis tying station and love it. Well done!

tinman said...

Nice story. I bummed into a old timer with a packed Richardson last spring. They were more common to see in the 90's Northwestern Pa region than now.

I enjoyed him showing me the packed Richardson as I did your short story this morn.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mike...for real. Justin has skills with the camera and I'm often jealous of where and what he eats.

tinman...I've long been intrigued with the Richardson Chest Fly Box but not sure if I would actually use one or not.

JJP said...

Nice Post, Cameron!
I am fortunate enough to have two of these boxes.One for salt and one for fresh. I use the salty one most of the time and leave the big boxes of flies in the truck. LARGE flies and accessories go in a shoulder pack.
I get as many questions about the box as I do about the glass or bamboo rods I usually use. Like Sgt. Pepper, it's been going in and out of style for years.
Awesome pics as well...