Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christian's API Spring Creek Reel

Swedish gear geek Christian Hörgren gives us another glimpse inside of his eclectic collection with a video and still of an interesting fly reel made by Anglers Products Inc. a couple decades ago.

Christian wrote... "Are you familiar with API reels? They were designed by Californian big game reel designer Oscar Kovalovsky in the 1980's. Anglers Products Inc. was the name of the company and the design is really interesting. This is the trout version and it actually comes from Lefty Kreh. How cool is that? It's a clicker, but with the mechanism hidden inside the large arbor drum. The reel is extremely narrow with quite a big diameter. Very strange, but very beautiful."

What a very neat fly reel but seeing Lefty Kreh's signature etched into the back certainly makes it a very interesting piece of Christian's collection.

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