Friday, May 18, 2012

T.F.M.Spotting - Inside J&M Flies

The husband/wife team of J&M Flies have been hard at work on a mess of orders over the past couple weeks and Jeff sent along a photo of Melissa finishing up a batch of poppers.

Jeff wrote...  "Here is Melissa of J&M Flies working hard on your order of poppers while wearing a T.F.M. shirt.  This one happens to be my shirt which she promptly stole and wore while working on flies this evening.  Apparently her shirt was dirty so she decided to wear mine.  She is in the process of applying varnish to your poppers.  Thanks."

It's been really neat to hear about the success J&M Flies has had recently with a rush of orders coming from the T.F.M. readership and then their local Orvis shop placed an order for over 500 poppers this week.  How cool is that?

Check out the J&M Flies website and follow along on Facebook too.

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