Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kevin Stull's Latest Glass Builds

It's been a bit since I've last featured a build by hobbyist rod builder Kevin Stull but recently he sent along information on his two latest builds with before and after varnish photos which I always enjoy seeing. It is such an interesting transition to be able to see the thread and then after varnish it can more or less dissolve into the blank.

Kevin wrote...  "I just finished a couple of new glass builds.  The Kabuto Rods 7033 blank has been in the works since March.  It just arrived last week.  Kab turned a special small full wells grip for me and did a light flame job on the reel seat.  It's a sweet little stick!
The blue blank wasn't planned until I ran across the blank on Ebay a few weeks ago.  The wife wasn't too happy  but it's a very nice blank.  A little heavy but quick.  Shane Gray turned the grip for me and the reel seat is from Lemke.

I thought you would enjoy the before and after finishing pics.  I'm off to Dillon, Montana next week to break them in on the Missouri, Big Hole and Beaverhead!"

Kevin...very nice work as always.  I hope the trip to Montana went well and you were able to flex both of these fly rods on solid fish.


Anonymous said...

That color of blue makes a nice looking rod.

cort said...

Dude, I really love how those turned out. The silk is a great choice to showcase the uniqueness of those rod colors. That makes my inner thighs swell!

Anonymous said...

I like that. Very different and unique