Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Convert In Cutthroat Heaven

It's been awhile since I've featured the photography of Abe Lee and when he posted these images and story on the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum this weekend I asked if I could also share here as well.

Abe wrote...  "I have a friend named Nick, who is a graphite guy.  He owns two fly rods:  a Scott G2 904/4 and a heavy hitter for his annual Alaskan salmon fishing trips.  Well, I brought him to the Colorado Clave a couple of years ago to introduce him to glass and the good people of the Fiberglass Flyrodders, and during the door prize event of the weekend, he, of course, draws #1 and winds up with a South Fork seven foot three weight.  Lucky guy!

Well, he finally christened it yesterday and I brought him to the perfect stream to do so.  He's still getting used to its slower casting action, but he could not stop smiling when his first ten inch "monster cutthroat" bent his glass three weight to the cork!

Yeah, we have another glass convert."

Abe...stunning images and neat to know that you've brought another angler into the fiberglass fold in fine style.


Sanders said...

something about those cutties on glass that gets under your skin...not to mention, a great way to convert to glass.

Cameron Mortenson said...'s certainly in the top five ways that I can think of to properly convert someone over. Abe is a great teacher and knows some very special water in Colorado as well.