Thursday, September 6, 2012

Midcurrent Reviews The T&T Heirloom

A couple months ago Benjamin Clary of Midcurrent contacted me about taking a fiberglass five weight fly rod along on a trip he had planned to Wyoming.  I packaged up the Thomas & Thomas Heirloom 7'6" five weight and sent it to him for his trip.  He recently returned and wrote an excellent review which posted on Midcurrent yesterday that speaks of his experience fishing glass and highlights the T.F.M. Fly Rod Loan Program as well.

The article starts with this...

"After what looked like a bullwhip routine, I took a breather, tied on a new fly and told myself: “You’re not in the land of Z-axis anymore.” Switching from arguably one of the fastest-action rods out there to the slow, deliberate action of fiberglass probably was not smart in retrospect, but worth the trouble."

Check out Ben's article in it's entirety on Midcurrent.

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Howard Levett said...

That's a must have book if you've got a trip planned to RMNP. Great book!