Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Fly Fisher's Guide To RMNP

Some time back Steve Schweitzer sent a copy of his book, A Fly Fisher's Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park, for me to review on T.F.M.  I have worked my way through most of it and enjoyed it quite a bit.  My wife and I lived in northern Colorado when we were first married and it was neat to see how Steve organized and presented the information about fly fishing RMNP, especially to places that we had fished, hiked, and camped while living out there.  Sometimes though, it's hard to really delve into a guide book until there is a trip to plan and this book was placed in a stack of books on my bedside table in the event an unexpected trip to Colorado happened.

As a friend and his wife were readying themselves for a trip to Colorado this week, they asked where they should go fly fishing?  A few days in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park was my first suggestion and this book really showed it's worth as I started to list and map out a few favorite places for them to visit.

Yesterday I took some time to put together a fly box filled with a few favorite RMNP go to patterns, a 4/5 weight glass rod and fly reel, and then earmarked a few pages of this guide book followed by highlighting a few sections as well.  Besides being filled with very good information on fly fishing the various streams and lakes which RMNP is known for, this book also outlines trail conditions and levels of difficulty with elevation maps as well.  For the visiting angler not accustomed to hiking in high elevations this information is especially helpful.

A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park

A Fly Fisher's Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park is a tome that every angler, local or visiting, should have in their library for reference and trip planning.  Steve's expertise and knowledge is evident and clearly shows through every page of this book.

The accompanying A Fly Fisher's Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park website is important as well since includes a list of podcasts and videos to enjoy along with the book being available to read online for free for quick reference.

Please visit the A Fly Fisher's Guide To RMNP website for more information and to order a copy of this book as an addition to your fly fishing library.

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