Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Bent On The Deschutes

The Headhunters crew have closed shop for their annual shop trip and for the last few days have been swinging flies on the Deschutes River...along with everything else that goes on with a steelhead trip.

John Arnold sent along a note last night with this photograph and I'd be pretty stoked if my daughter had done this too...

"Cam, here's Adair hooked up to her first steelhead on the Deschutes River.  The James Green 10'6" two hander worked great.  Thanks for the help with the build.  By the way, a Wulff Ambush Taper 8 is the perfect line and can be shot as far as needed."

Congrats Adair.  Eight years old and already putting a big fish on a fiberglass two hander is a very worthy accomplishment that few can say they've done.

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cofisher said...

Congrats to Adair! The Deshutes is one beautiful river.