Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Wojnicki, A Young, And Brook Trout

Every year I pick a couple fiberglass fly rods to add to my personal collection.  For next year I've been considering placing an order with Mario Wojnicki and went to the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum to ask for a few opinions and thoughts on his offerings.

Dwight Hendrix, a.k.a. dshx, posted his experiences with the Mario Wojnicki 203P3 and comparing it alongside his Paul Young Midge bamboo four weight.  I wanted to share his notes and photos with this post.

Dwight wrote...  "Wow...Mario does not include the "P" (parabolic) in the model number for nothing. It has a relatively flexible butt section and stiffens toward the tip.  It requires a timing change from the faster casting rhythms associated with progressively tapered rods.  Once you slow things down a bit, it becomes a joy to cast.  Despite its size and weight, it has considerable reach but it's a small stream rod for me and long distance casts aren't too important.  

Although I fish it mainly on small streams in the Sierra's, here are a few photos from a small stream high in the San Juan range of southwest Colorado.  My wife and I were trading off fishing the Mario and a Paul Young Midge (bamboo) four weight.  Although Paul Young is associated with parabolics, I don't consider the Midge among his parabolic tapers.  Although both are small rods, and both can reach out if necessary, their respective characters are very different to me (and my wife!).  The 203P3 casts a more wide loop for me compared to the midge.  I could close it up if I concentrate but if it's not windy, I don't care.  This may be a consideration if you're shooting through a small opening in a brushy stream though.  My wife prefers the Midge, I really like the 203P3."

Now to continue hashing out which Mario Wojnicki that I might want to place an order for next year.

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