Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simms Fishing 2013 Catalog

The Simms Fishing 2013 catalog is live online for a flip through and besides being chock full of gear this magazine style catalog has some damn good photography in it as well.

It takes a minute to load but worth it.



Bill Trussell said...

I have used Simms products for years and find them to be top quality. Thanks for sharing

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson said...

Took one look at the cover and saw that tat on the guys neck. That's a guy I met in Belize....He is a freakin Permit genius!!!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Bill...top quality indeed.

Patrick...Belize? I've got to get there.

Jay said...

I think they made their best looking gear (wading boot, vest, neoprene waders) when they were still located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I still got the Tippet Tender vest. Best vest ever!