Tuesday, January 22, 2013

W. Jude Fly Rod Co. Glass Offerings

There have been some recent additions to the Rod Shops page, one being W. Jude Fly Rod Co., which I came across a few weeks ago.  W. Jude Fly Rod Co. is owned by Bill Hickey and he recently added fiberglass fly rods to his list of offerings.

Bill is building almost exclusively on CTS Quartz blanks which are a quality fly rod blank in all regards.

Bill wrote...  "As a custom rod builder I am able to offer my customers a fly rod that is pretty much one of a kind and built to meet the specific needs of the angler using it. Most of my fly rods are built on CTS blanks. I have found their blanks to be of very high quality and they are very smooth casting rods. CTS also offers their blanks in many configurations and colors, add that to my own lathe turned wood inserts and cork grips, I can really offer my customers a fly rod that is set well apart from any factory built rod. My own personal preference towards building out a rod is to have all the components compliment each other with a subtle look of elegance and class."

Check out the W. Jude Fly Rod Co. website for more information.

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