Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This collaborative film project, called Cold Blue Nights, features the work of Ivan Orsic of Yukon Goes Fishing and Russ Schnitzer of SchnitzerPHOTO, and is certainly a departure of any past work that they have done separately. This joining of film and photo forces is called The Fly Collective.

Check out Cold Blue Nights and look for a Q&A with Ivan and Russ tomorrow morning on T.F.M. which more fully tells the story of what The Fly Collective is and where it's all going.


Mike Sepelak said...

Fun stuff. Looks like something I would do. Great image at 4:04. I'm looking forward to what comes out of this unholy alliance of Russ and Ivan!

Mark Vibber said...

Love this video! Love the Blue!

FinFollower said...

It was a great video and an interesting interview - keep 'em coming.