Saturday, February 23, 2013

This Week In #yearofthebluegill

An astute T.F.M. reader (thanks smallie74) tipped me off on how to track hashtags on Flipboard which is one of my favorite iPhone and iPad applications.  I thought it would be fun to post images from time to time that have been tagged with #yearofthebluegill on Instagram and Twitter and hopefully others will play along as the year goes on.


Hopefully others will start using this hashtag along with #glassisnotdead and #glassgeek on both Twitter and Instagram for future T.F.M. posts.


Jay said...

OK, somebody tell me why the tail of a Crappie is tagged with #yearofthebluegill.

Cameron Mortenson said...'re getting called out. Bluegill or crappie? HA...

Rob said...

It's a bluegill caught in Culver Lake, NJ. Not a crappie, I know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Wow. @flyfishfood, Those flash tailed, bead chain eyed, palmered hackle bluegill flies look very edible.
Do they have a name or should I just tie up a bunch and call them awesome?

Thanks for the inspiration.

Cameron Mortenson said...

hydroflynamics...look for a full tutorial coming soon on Fly Fish Food and TFM.