Sunday, March 17, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - Trout Fest Weekend

This morning I was going through one of my email folders and found this T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest entry from John Kelly where he attended Trout Fest and enjoyed some time on the Guadalupe River as well. 

I'm sure Lefty Kreh was thinking "The fiberglass what?  I don't get it." 

John wrote...  "I was attending Trout Fest on the Guadalupe River in Sattler, Texas over my birthday weekend and part of the festivities were a live auction to benefit Trout Unlimited and the local chapter for which I am a member.  One of the auction items was a TFO rod of your choice and a one hour casting lesson with Lefty Kreh.  I was in a small bidding war with another gentleman and I conceded to him when the bidding reached $800.00.  Coincidentally the man was kind enough to invite me to join him and his friend for the lesson.  We met later that day and the fun began.  You needed to leave your sensitivity meter at home with Lefty, as he is as feisty as you would expect.  Fortunately I was not the worst caster out of the three of us so my punishment was near as bad as it was for others.  I had a great time and was truly honored to have had a lesson from a legend." 

Comrade t-shirt...check.  Retro Fly t-shirt...check.  Comrade sun mask...check.   John covered all the bases with this entry.  Nice work and the fly fishing celebrity photo is a great touch as well.


Middlemac said...

Very cool story and photos John- thanks.

TugAddict said...

Thanks Man! It was a great time.

TugAddict said...

Lefty is an amazing guy and it was very gracious of the other two guys to invite me to join them. it really was a great time.