Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week In #yearofthebluegill

Not to rub it in but yesterday was in the high 70's and I was in shorts and flip flops.  Actually today will be as well and then we'll cool off again for a few days. 

From the looks of it I'm not the only one that has been taking advantage of warmer temps and there has been a steady stream of photos hashtagged with #yearofthebluegill on Twitter and Instagram.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that have been posted over the last week or so.  Click on the names to visit their Instagram page.












If you use Twitter or Instagram please remember to use #yearofthebluegill, #glassgeek, #glassisnotdead, and #tfmspotting in the photos that you upload.  I like checking them out.


Bill Trussell said...

I love this little fish not only for the fight but the food aspect as well. I started my bluegill quest Friday and landed only one worth counting towards my quest of 100 super bull bluegill for the season. See Post--thanks reminding everyone of the "Year of the Bluegill"

Cameron Mortenson said...

Bill...thanks for the comment and looking forward to reading about your quest for 100.

Roger DePoy said...

Great pictures, but photo #3 sure looks like a warmouth

Cameron Mortenson said...

Roger...likely yes...but really, I'm not being to picky on what is a panfish and what isn't. There is a lot of gray area on what everyone considers a bluegill...even if scientifically it's defined.