Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beaver Island Dispatch - Day 3

Yesterday was tough.  No way around it.  Constant winds of 20 mph and waves measured in feet made it impossible to get in the boats, leaving us on foot walking into several different beaches around the island with the guides from Third Coast Fly.  Walking in has every chance of being good but it has also has every chance of being tough.  Yesterday it was the later.

In all we hiked six miles or so, hopping up on rocks to spy possible fish, and then walking some more.  A few carp were seen but it wasn't until the clouds broke, and stayed broke, in the late afternoon that we finally were able to visualize carp suspended in the waves.  These fish were in the chop, always moving, and getting a fly in front of their face at the correct level, with a strong wind blowing in your face without screwing up your cast, was more luck than skill.  In the end none of us touched a fish and only a couple of us even got a follow.  Damn.

So last night wrapped up this trip for the most part.  Bags are packed and in a few minutes we'll enjoy our last breakfast at the Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli.  A few of us are staying over today to fish since conditions have improved and Kevin and Austin don't have another trip planned until tomorrow.  Fingers crossed we can finish big.

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