Thursday, July 18, 2013

ESPN - Unity With The Universe

Over the years that I have written this website I have had the opportunity to speak with rod builder Tom Morgan on the telephone several times and discuss his fiberglass fly rod and blank project.  I always felt honored that Tom would take the time to speak with me and it was very evident that Tom was willing to accept nothing but complete perfection as these fly rod blanks would be part of his lasting legacy. 

Yesterday an article written by ESPN senior writer Wright Thompson began circulating the internet through forums and social media which highlights Tom Morgan and his wife Gerri in such an incredible and beautiful way.

This is a story of a man driven by perfection though his body has been taken by a debilitating disease and how his wife has become his hands, putting aside her own interests to care for her husband's daily needs while learning his craft so fully to ensure that every fly rod inked with "Tom Morgan Rodsmiths" across it's shaft leaves the shop as a flawless example of his life's work.  I was not fully aware of Gerri's commitment and devotion in this process until reading this piece.  

Take some time and read this article along with viewing the photographs, galleries, and interactive elements in the right sidebar of the page.  A short video was also produced to accompany this article which gives an insight into Tom and Gerri's home and shop life. It's been a long time since I've been so moved by a story and Wright Thompson tells this perfectly on so many different levels.

Visit the ESPN website to enjoy this article.


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Thanks for sharing this incredibly moving story.

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