Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vedavoo - Cordura Fabric Puncture Test

This series of photographs, along with a couple short videos, popped up on the Vedavoo Facebook and Instagram pages recently and I thought it was worthy of a share here since this is pretty damn impressive.

Scott Hunter and the crew at Vedavoo are building an ever growing list of rock solid gear pieces and this puncture test and fix is just another example of why they are committed to every part of their business being "Made In U.S.A.".

From the Vedavoo Facebook page...  

All photos show the same swatch of Cordura fabric without photo tricks.  The value of this fabric speaks for itself and explains why we use it in our gear.

This is a swatch of 1000 Denier American Woven Cordura that we use to build our packs.

Worried about Durability?

A bad day... right?  Well, if we were using a pure waterproof, lesser quality, or overseas lookalike, then yeah, it would be, but with our packs, not so much.

With the awl removed from the swatch, an obvious and dramatic hole remains in the fabric.

Literally seven seconds elapsed since the last photo.  Just scratching the back side of the fabric at the puncture point realigns the fibers and brings the weave back into shape.  The hole is gone.

A few pulls of the fabric (like stretching it) and the hole is completely gone.  The 3X DWR waterproof coating on the back of the fabric is also still bonded to the fabric.  Try this same test with your waders and see if you can reproduce a similar result.  Just don't blame us when it doesn't work.

We use American Woven Fabrics because we know that they are still the best, most durable, and longest lasting option for our gear.  

Accidents happen, but when fabric can heal itself like this, it definitely reduces the chance of failure in the field.  All Vedavoo packs use this fabric. 

Check out the 2014 Vedavoo product catalog to see what's coming next.  This growing company is still on the rise.


Kevin Frank said...

If they ever have a coupon even %10 off blast that. I would definitely get the sling pack but I can't bring myself to pay more than $100 for it.

andrealarko said...

They're worth every penny. Honestly, I'm surprised they're not more.

Kym said...

Their Tightlines sling pack are a great piece of gear. It'll still be going strong long after you forgot how much you paid