Wednesday, September 4, 2013

8' Featherlight Fly Rods Now In Stock

I hadn't planned on carrying them but since I've had quite a few requests for the 8' Eagle Claw Featherlight over the past several months I decided that I might as well offer all three models of this inexpensive but fun fly rod. 

These fly rods are marked as a 5/6 weight but I've found that they cast much better with a seven weight fly line.  I use mine for bass but have seen others use this model for steelhead and even salmon.  These fly rods can put up with the abuse. 

I am working with Custom Fly Rod Crafters in putting together a switch rod conversion kit at a very reasonable price for a fun DIY project with one of these fly rods.  More details on that soon.

More information on all three Featherlight fly rod models can be found on the T.F.M. Store page. 

Each model is priced at $45 shipped in the U.S. with international shipping available. 

Please send an email with questions or to place an order.

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