Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Choosing A Trout Line

Recently RIO Products released several videos which explain their fly lines and the first video that I am sharing is their "Choosing A Trout Line" shortie as it does a really good job explaining the various tapers of their fly lines and what applications they will work best at.

I've said it before, but the RIO Products videos really shine when Simon Gawesworth narrates. I dig his style a lot.

I've got one of the new RIO Perception fly lines in 5WF and am looking forward to using this on a few glass fly rods this fall for an upcoming review.

Check out the RIO Products website for more information.

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Ryan S said...

I love RIO lines and fish them almost exclusively...but I have to wonder when they have to create a line that is at the upper limit of AFTMA standards that is great for fly fishers who like to "feel the rod load." What?!?!?! It's not RIO's fault that rod makers are making broomsticks these days, but come on! I think my old Sage RPL is probably a moderate action rod these days!