Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fishing Camp - The Game

Having children is a lot of fun and lately we have been spending our evenings and weekends playing a lot of games.  Board games, card games, and memory games.  It's really neat to see their young brains working through questions, developing a sense of strategy, and honing the virtues of sportsmanship too.    

One of our favorite games lately is Fishing Camp, which is a board game all about fishing.  This game isn't about fly fishing so much but the questions are interesting and the game objective is easy for everyone to follow along with as well, which is good when playing games with a four and eight year old.

The neat thing about Fishing Camp, as well as other games offered by Education Outdoors, is that the questions are set up with four different levels of a player's age/ability from a young child to adult which gives everyone the opportunity to play and be apart of the game together.  The method of play keeps everyone's attention and we've all learned quite a bit as well.

Fishing Camp is really a lot of fun for the whole family and a great choice if you are looking for a last minute gift for Christmas for the anglers in your family.  

Check out the Education Outdoors website for more information on Fishing Camp and the other games that they offer.


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Mel said...

Thanks, Cameron, I want to check this game out. I have two Autistic grandchildren amongst other grandchildren. Always looking for something different and challenging.

Cameron Mortenson said... is a lot of fun. Some of the adult questions are surprisingly tough.

Mel...glad I could help. Both the Fishing Camp and Camp games are a lot of fun.