Thursday, December 26, 2013

Victor Axe + Tool - Brimley Axe & Cap

Christmas presents for adults don't always bring the same cheer as those for the children with our gifts being things that we all "need" instead of "want".   No complaints here on that as those needs come in handy and this season really shouldn't always be about the gifts we receive anyway.

My own Christmas was highlighted with a stellar gift from my wife and children of a Brimley 24" Hudson Bay Axe from Victor Axe + Tool which I would say strikes both need and want equally.  This axe has an appropriate heft to it, a Council Tools Velvicut axe head that is quite sharp, and the 24" size really is great as a do all cutting tool for camping trips and to have around when needed.  I was also gifted the Waxed Cotton Cap which is a perfect companion to the axe.

I took a few minutes yesterday morning and shot a few photos with my 50mm lens which show off the details of this fine outdoors tool. 

Check out the Victor Axe + Tool website for more information on their offerings that come from a small shop in Michigan.

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Robin said...

That is a fine looking axe. I absolutely do not need one and I absolutely want one!