Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Trio Of Epic "So Blue" 990's

This is just a quick dispatch to share the three "So Blue" Swift Fly Fshing Epic 990 builds that Zeb Tonkavich of Snowman Custom Rod Works has been finishing up lately.  These three builds are a whole lot of beautiful shades of blue. 

The one at the top with the soiled grip is mine that I took to Musky Country this past fall which needed some tender loving care after doing figure eights under the boat and jamming the tip into the rocks for a week.  Zeb give it a new guide, buffed it up, and sent it back south in a new powder blue rod tube.   

I've said it before but there are few builders that geek out over all the details, both regarding the build and just the dynamics of each blank taper he offers, than Zeb and the work that he is doing in his shop is top notch. 

This single photos does a good job to show how Zeb makes each one of his builds unique even if he is building multiple fly rods off the same blank of the same color.

Check out the Snowman Custom Rod Works website for more information.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram too for the latest shop news.

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Randall said...

Those look like they'd be right at home on any flat across the world. Sweetness...