Monday, January 13, 2014

JP Ross Fly Rods - Kabuto Rods 8053

Jordan Ross of JP Ross Fly Rods started his rod building year off with a Kabuto Rods 8053 build that is done with simple elegance and incorporates several of his signature build methods such as the use of single foot guides with transparent wraps and engravings in the reel seat and reel seat components.

Jordan wrote...  "After speaking to a few customers we wanted to make a Kabuto Fiberglass fly rod that was a little more old looking.  So what we did is put a slight patina on this blank.  It is hard to see from the photos, but this blank now has a matte finish and we did a slight dye on it to tint it very slightly so that it looks like it is antique.

We did a black anodized reel seat on it with a highly figured wood and wrap around mayfly spent wing engraving.  Also notice the mayfly on the cap.

We added a gold hook keeper to symbolize wealth and prosperity for the new year. Cigar grips are not common, but this one seems to work just perfectly on this five weight.  Recoil single foot guides, flesh tone accent wraps, and slight black align dots make this rod simple yet beautiful.

I balanced this rod with an Abel Creek series with Abel Arm to make it sit just right in the hand.  It couples new technology with an old world flair.

Trying to keep to the Japanese design style, this rod focuses on quality of components with little flash." 

Check out the JP Ross Fly Rods website for more information.  Follow the latest shop news on the Facebook page as well.


gfen said...

I'll be the one to say it: Its a custom rod, you can build whatever you want.. Rather than using a fancy reel foot, why not just stick on a downlocking seat?

I'll go back under my bridge now..

Cameron Mortenson said... make me laugh. Thanks for stopping in.