Friday, January 10, 2014

Advise On Setting Up Your Bench

I had meant to share this really excellent and extensive blog post from The International Hobbyist before this, but better late than never.  Oliver Streuli interviewed a few of the prominent custom fiberglass fly rod builders on rod building and how they have set up their shops.  This Q&A covers a lot of ground and it's neat to get an inside look at where these fellows work.

In speaking of work spaces for rod building, Oliver wrote...   

"It would have been helpful had I had some tips and advice, and perhaps seen the layout of some other workshops before I designed what I did, and who better to give advice on setting up an efficient, functional rodbuilding or tying spot than a someone who's living depends on it? Seven different rodbuilders were kind enough to answer a few questions and share some photos that could prove valuable to anyone setting up or modifying a fly tying/rod building workspace and trying to put a little more efficiency and enjoyment into a routine."

Check out The International Hobbyist to continue reading this worthy post.

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