Friday, January 10, 2014

Tim Rajeff On ECHO Glass

There is a lot of interest growing in the soon to be released ECHO Glass fly rods and Tim Rajeff takes a few minutes to break down this new addition to the line up in this video.

The ECHO Glass fly rods should be showing up in fly shops in the next couple weeks and priced at $200 each they are going to be an excellent value for someone that has always wanted to try glass or just wants to fill a niche with a fly rod that is affordable.

Check out the ECHO Fly Fishing website for more information. 


Three Forks Publishing said...

Call me nuts, but if fiberglass fly rods from any more of the major manufacturers all of a sudden starts showing up in fly shops this year or next; I think Cameron deserves 20% of each sale made!

Google: 'fiberglass fly rods' and see what comes up first (besides Ebay second-hand sales) to see what I mean.

Without the popularity of this blog and his borderline institutional affliction with glass, and blogging about it daily, there's simply NO WAY these major players like Orvis down to Rajeff would be designing 'new glass fly rods' to the masses in the year 2014.

No way.

Cameron Mortenson said...

TFP...thanks for dropping in with a comment. It's been a lot of fun to have a small part in the revitalization of glass over the past few years. It was bound to happen either way. Glass is just to much fun for it not to.