Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NRS Freestone Drifter

There are a few inflatable boats that have caught my eye and the NRS Freestone Drifter is on that list.  Sara and John from Headhunters Fly Shop put together this video showing the ease of assembly in putting one of these together. 

Kill an eighteener and POOF...it's done.  By the way, did you catch the Coors box traveling around the time lapse?  Watch it again.

Check out the Headhunters Fly Shop blog for more information and check out this past review for more in depth thoughts from Mr. Scumliner on the NRS Freestone Drifter.


Andy said...

Awesome video... I've got a Freestone on order—I'll make sure I've got an 18-er ready for the day she shows up! Question for you about trailers—what do you think the optimal solution is? Drift boat trailer? Flat bed raft-style trailer? Do you expect to the keep the boat inflated and have it live on the trailer? Or do you plan to break it down frequently?

Chase Fair said...

I have a freestone and widened a 4x8 traler to 60" and put roller across the back with a couple of angled rollers on the side and it works like a charm and goes inside my toy hauler