Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One By One - CTS 10'6" Switch Rod

I get quite a few emails from interested anglers looking for heavier line weight glass and also fiberglass blanks that are suitable for switch and even spey rods.  There are just a few choices right now and CTS Fishing in New Zealand seems to have the most variety with the Quartz blanks offered in numerous lengths, line weights, an in an array of blank color choices as well.

Recently One By One Custom Rods finished a 10'6" eight weight that is set up with a switch rod lower grip and it will be put to the test this fall on tributary brown trout and steelhead.

Check out the CTS Fishing website for a full listing of their Quartz fiberglass blank offerings along with the One By One Custom Rods website for more on their work.

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Albert said...

When you say 8wt, did you mean that it's an 8wt switch rod, or that the blank was rated as an 8wt single-hand? Did CTS give a grainweight range for their switch blanks?