Friday, May 9, 2014

Fine Tackle - Inside The Process - Part 3

In today's post, Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle spends some time on the lathe, with sandpaper in hand, to build the cork reel seat insert on the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 580.  This step, like many others in the process, requires complete precision to turn out correctly. 

Christian wrote...  "I use a regular rod building lathe for my cork work. The engine is rather weak and you don’t have to bother about stressing the blank. When I turn cork, I use the file from a Leatherman Multi-Tool. It has the perfect size and roughness. I also use a sanding block with different grit papers (80, 120, 240, 1200). You have to be gentle when you turn cork on soft blanks, otherwise it might ovalize."

Check out the Fine Tackle website and Facebook page for the latest shop news and most recent builds.  Christian always has something interesting going on to check out.

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