Friday, May 9, 2014

Midnight Creeper

Mangled Fly Media released their latest fly tying video this week which is called Midnight Creeper after the mouse fly that Ed McCoy ties for some secret night fishing water in northern Michigan.  This is a great pattern that has a lot of movement in the water since it's largely made of rabbit and rubber legs. 

I bought this film a couple days ago and enjoyed the fly tying tutorial.  I had hoped there would be a bit more instruction and technique talk on fly fishing after dark but this twenty-seven minute film is primarily about tying the Midnight Creeper.

It's certainly worth the $2 rental fee on Viemo to watch and then add a few of this pattern to your big fish box. 

Check out the Mangled Fly Media website for more information and follow along on the Vimeo page to check out past video projects.

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