Friday, May 30, 2014

The Lost Demo And Epic Mail Days

Many of you that read this website may be familiar with the Fly Rod Loan Program that I put together several years ago and which now includes over three dozen fly rods from a mix of custom builders and fly rod companies.  This program has given hundreds of glass geeks, new and old, the ability to try before they buy and either confirms that they really do want a particular fly rod or they ask to demo another that might be a better fit for what they are looking for.

Contrary to the belief of some, this doesn't mean that I have dozens and dozens of fly rods to fish myself since the favorite fly rods in the program are always on loan and it's typically money out of my pocket to send these fly rods the first time out.  It's an accepted cost of running the program and it's been very satisfying to spread the gospel of glass through the demo fiberglass fly rods. 

I typically keep good track on where several dozen fly rods are at all times through saved emails and an online Google Docs spreadsheet that tells me where a fly rod is and where it's going to next, but somehow last summer the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 686 got lost in the mix. 

After a month or so of being gone, I didn't have it out on my spreadsheet, didn't have an email requesting it, and couldn't find it with the other demo rods at the house.  I searched and searched trying to find this fly rod.  My gut feeling was that I sent it out and forgot to update my spreadsheet but I was also worried that maybe I accidentally threw it away during a purge of damaged rod tubes that I do time to time.  I was sick about it since this was a highly sought after demo and the custom builder did a beautiful job on the build.  Finally after several months of this demo still not found or returned, I contacted Carl at Swift Fly Fishing and we worked out to have another Epic 686 built for the demo program.  One lost rod was going to break the program but I felt really bad for misplacing it. 

Then, a month ago, I received an email from a very ecstatic though apologetic angler who said that he had had the Epic 686 demo for the past ten months went on to list all the places that the fly rod had gone with him.  He figured that since had the demo for nearly a year that it was time to return it.  WHEW...  The Epic 686 was found.  I was very relieved that it was found and would soon be back in rotation.

A few days later the Epic 686 arrived on the doorstep no worse for wear and was followed by another box a day or two later with a very fine bottle of Scotch whisky and a note of apology and thanks.  What a surprise and a very generous gift which I will certainly enjoy on evenings to come. 

Mr. Kinsley...glad you enjoyed the "extended" demo and thank you for two very "Epic" mail days.


Jay said...

What a great story.
Also not the typical way how a loan rod should venture.

The program is a great & generous offer.
I wish something like this was available in Europe.

Fabian said...

Since you got 2 686 epics now, you could weekend giveaway one, right :)

The loan program is very nice indeed, thanks for keeping it running. I had the tightloops Steffen built from you a while ago

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jay...correct that this demo went on a little to long but certainly glad that it surfaced again.

Fabian...I have so many on the waiting list that it will be great to have two 686's to move around on demo.

Fabian said...

Was worth a try though ;)