Friday, August 15, 2014

Flat Creek Fly Rods Twofer

There are some fly rod builders that more or less stay under the radar and it's good to show off the good work that they are doing when new builds show up on their websites or social media.

Ben Casarez of Flat Creek Fly Rods recently finished two builds worth mentioning with a McFarland Rods 7'9" five weight and Steffen Brothers 8' 4/5 weight that were built for clients.  Ben does really clean work and always uses exceptional wood inserts on his builds

Check out the Flat Creek Fly Rods website and Facebook page for more information and latest shop news.


thatleetboy said...

Oops, Cameron... Looks like that Steffen Rod is marked as a Steffen Brothers 8' 4/5 weight

Cameron Mortenson said...

thatleetboy...thanks for the edit. I was blogging on the run the other day when this was posted.