Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 DAYS - Bozeman Reel Co. X Bozeman Rod Co.

It's certainly been an interesting couple years for small upstart Bozeman Reel Company as they are getting their fly reels into more shops literally around the world and along the way have formed up a couple other sister companies with Bozeman Rod Company and Bozeman Fly Goods which continue to impress with their interesting and outside the box offerings as well.

As the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways were approaching, I called Dan Rice of Bozeman Rod Company and asked if they would like to be involved.  He countered and upped the ante asking if they could give away a Spring Creek Series 223 fly reel along with a Bozeman Rod Company Paradise Glass fly rod too.  Why of course.

I have been using several of the Bozeman Reel Company fly reels and the SC Series is certainly a favorite.  This little clicker, complete with a classic S-Handle, just purrs so softly.  It is a perfect compliment to a trout weight glass fly rod.  The Retro Fly engraving on the backside of the SC 223 looks pretty damn sharp too if I say so myself.

From the fly rod side of things, Bozeman Rod Company has been busy working out some very special offerings and the Paradise Glass series has a full flex taper which will have you wanting to grab our fly box full of dries and go looking for sippers.

Today Bozeman Reel Co. and Bozeman Rod Co. have joined together to create a perfect outfit with the Bozeman Rod Company 7' three weight Paradise Glass paired with a Bozeman Reel Company Retro Fly edition SC 223 fly reel.  This is small stream dry fly fishing perfection that is worth over $1,200 in retail value.

There will be a total of ONE WINNER for today's giveaway.

-  Please send an email to saying you want in on today's giveaway.

-  You will need to send an email each day to be included in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways.

-  You will receive an auto response email back to confirm that your entry was received each day.

-  Please send only one email per email account.  Duplicate emails will be erased.

-  All emails must be received by 5 a.m. tomorrow morning to qualify for this gear giveaway.

-  Winners will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced tomorrow morning at the end of this post.

-  Please note that if you win one of the days of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways then you are not eligible to win any other day.  Please give someone else a chance.

There was an incredible response to this giveaway and the random number generator chose the following winner...


Congratulations.  This is an unbelievably cool fly rod and reel outfit.

Check out the Bozeman Reel Company, Bozeman Rod Company, and Bozeman Fly Goods to see what each company has going on.  Make sure you follow each companies social media feeds as well since a lot of new product ideas are first shared there. 

If you are interested in a SC Series or RS Series with the Retro Fly engraving, please contact Dan Rice at Bozeman Reel Company by email and they'll add this free of charge with your fly reel order through the holidays.
Good luck and please tell your friends.  Cheers...


Fabian said...

Wow, that is an incredible giveaway. Many thanks. A 7' 3wt. Very sweet looking rod. Must be a special production since I could find the paradise series only as a 4wt or 5wt on their hp.

Unknown said...

Wow a reel is at to top if my wish list this year

Unknown said...

Brilliant Xmas gift ! Excellent idea Cameron!!

Editor said...

Drats...To quote one of my favorite sports movies, I should have used the live chicken.