Wednesday, December 10, 2014

YETI Hopper 30 - 5 Reasons To Like

I am a long time YETI Coolers believer and have even sold a few through the T.F.M. Store over the years but when the new product information started rolling out on the new Hopper 30 this past summer, I really wondered if this zippered cooler bag was going to live up to the hype. 

$300 for a soft sided cooler? 

Fast forward a couple months to the fall and right before I was leaving for a few days in Montana, my local YETI Coolers dealer received an early stock of Hopper 30 coolers.  I bought one, paying full retail price, (OUCH...) and figured if it held up through a week of getting banged around the raft and in the back of the truck that it would make a good gift to the guide that I was fishing with and crashed at his home for the long weekend.

Our first day on the water was on Thursday and early that morning we packed the Hopper with bottled waters, brews, and lunch, and we still had more than enough room for a small bag of ice.  We fished all day Thursday and that evening I tipped the Hopper over pouring off maybe a half cup of water.  Kind of impressive.

We left the bag of ice in the cooler overnight and filled it again the next morning with more food and drink.  Again at the end of the day I drained off the melted water and it was minimal considering that it had been nearly 20 hours since we first put the small bag of ice in there.  All this continued through the weekend and finally by late Sunday night we were down to about a third left of that original small bag of ice.

After this long weekend on the water I was really impressed and kind of second guessing leaving the Hopper with my friend cause now I was going to have to buy another one...

The true test of the Hopper 30 is going to come from months of use and I've asked the guide that I was fishing with to report back after a full guide season with it to see how it's held up.  I'm betting it continues to be an impressive piece of gear.

So here's a quick breakdown with five reasons to like the YETI Coolers Hopper 30...

1.  The dimensions and build of the Hopper is perfect for carry comfortably on your shoulder and the Dryhide shell on the exterior can take some serious abuse.  I don't see many of these being returned during the three year warranty period from getting worn out. 

2.  The Hydrolok Zipper is completely waterproof and once closed will keep everything inside cold.  If the Hopper tips over, it's of no worry that it's going to leak.

3.  The Coldcell Insulation is super thick throughout the build of the Hopper and it makes total sense why things inside the cooler stay so cold.

4.  The dimensions and shape of the Hopper makes it really easy and comfortable to carry and after lugging around a Roadie for years, this cooler is just so much easier to shoulder and go.

5.  YETI Coolers big selling point is ice retention and for a small bag of ice to last the better part of four days in a mix of temps from 30's at night to 70's during the day, that is pretty damn impressive.

Sure, $300 is a lot of money but the YETI Hopper might be the cooler that you end up using most since it's perfect for the boat but also that backyard party, concert in the park, picnic on the beach, kid's all day soccer tournament, and a long list of other places.

Check out the YETI Coolers website for more information and look for the Hopper 30 at your local dealer.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a hot item for Christmas, so good luck finding one.

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