Monday, August 15, 2016

The B.I. Chronicles - Austin's Hands

In the weeks that led up to the trip to Beaver Island with Indigo Guide Service, Captain Austin Adduci heard that tattoo artist Danny Reed of Hot Stuff Tattoo and Crooked Creek Holler was part of the group and wanted to add pieces of his hands of flies of significance to him.  Artist Jeff Kennedy sent along the artwork of each fly and since there was some time to kill on a weather day, Danny set up a surprisingly capable tattoo shop up at the house.

Over the next hour or so, most of us sat around the living room watching Danny work.  First with a sharpie, then ink pen, followed by the tattoo tools.  It was really neat to see each of these pieces of art come together from an iPhone art image to Danny's sketch to the ink being laid.

If you ever find yourself in Asheville and in need of a new piece of body art, look up Danny Reed at Hot Stuff Tattoo.  Otherwise, check out Crooked Creek Holler and add some apparel to your closet.

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