Monday, September 21, 2020


I follow a lot of artists through social media and always appreciate the many different styles and perspectives that they bring to fly fishing.  This post on the work of Ted C. Hansen has been sitting in draft form for too long and I figured that this would be a nice way to start the week.  
Ted provided a mix of his favorite pieces done with several different mediums.  Enjoy.

Kelley Desmit - Photo Credit

The work of Ted C. Hansen is strongly rooted in the natural world.  He grew up on a small farm outside of the town of Dillon, Montana. It was here that he developed his lifelong passion for art, fly fishing and spending time in the wilderness. He now lives and works in the Arts District of northeast Minneapolis and continues to discover the wild spaces and fishing opportunities of the upper midwest. He maintains strong connections to his Montana roots and returns regularly for family, inspiration, and the incredible fishing. 
His body of work is an exploration of this connection to the land and the creatures that inhabit its waters.Hansen works in a wide range and media and styles and specializes in oil and acrylic painting.  While continually exploring new subjects, much of his work is focused on the subjects of landscapes and fish.  His landscapes painting is informed by an impressionistic approach and are often painted with loose, open brushstrokes to convey the artist’s emotional or spiritual connection to a specific moment and location. He also enjoys experimenting and exploring different mediums, especially when creating fish related works. His style is informed by an understanding of art history and can range from meticulous gold leaf icon paintings to wildly expressive abstractions.

You can see more of Ted C. Hansen's work on both Etsy and Instagram.

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Frank said...

Ted and his whole family are wonderful, hard working folks. This recognition is well deserved.