Monday, June 21, 2021

JP ROSS FLY RODS & CO. - Beaver Meadow S-Glass is Coming Soon

When I think back to the "players" in the glass game from when I started The Fiberglass Manifesto almost thirteen years ago, the listing on the Fly Rod Makers page was short with maybe a dozen companies.  Fast forward to now and that list is pushing 100 and I'm likely missing a few. 

JP Ross Fly Rods & Company was on the short list then and they've continued through the years to do what they do best by sticking to their Adirondacks roots.  The Beaver Meadow series of fly rods has been through a few generations over the years and will soon be re-born in S-Glass.
So, this post is just the tease of things to come but more will be released soon...

This was lifted off the JP Ross Fly Rods & Company Facebook page...

"It's the Summer Solstice. A special day for me and many other cultures. I love watching the sun come up and go down on this day, and I usually spend it completely on the water. The longest sunlight day of the year. So on this special day, I'd like to make it even more special....
Something has been in the works. It's taken years and honestly a lot of investment to bring you something new that is worthy of the iconic Beaver Meadow Name. Look for a full release on this new line of rods in the upcoming weeks.  
There is E-Glass... and there is S-Glass.  Start asking questions and feel the difference only our rods will offer.  This new rod series is what over two decades of rod building will bring. Stay tuned.
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More on all if this will be coming soon, including a T.F.M. giveaway, so follow along with the latest on the JP Ross Fly Rods & Company social media pages with Facebook and Instagram.

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