Sunday, June 27, 2021

T.F.M. Affiliation - Sea Run Cases

Hopefully you've seen the Sea Run Cases ad that has been rotating around sidebars of T.F.M. over the past few months.  I figured that you'd also like to know that if and when you're ready to make a purchase from Sea Run Cases, that I have an affiliate account with them as well.  The link is within this post several times and it can always be found by clicking through the Sea Run Cases ad or finding the link on the T.F.M. Affiliations page.
What does this "affiliation" mean?  Two things.  First, I get credit for a sale and with it a few dollars drops into the T.F.M. piggy bank which helps keep the lights one.  Second, if you send me an email with your order number and mailing address then I'll send along some T.F.M. swag as a thank you.

What do I think of the Sea Run Cases?  Well, I've taken the Premium Technical Travel Case on a few trips so far and am very impressed.  Made in Italy with a pedigree at Negrini, the fit and finish of these cases are tops.  In short, consider this the ultimate protection for your fly fishing gear.

I am working on a gear review that will cover all the most popular fly rod travel cases which should publish soon.  The Sea Run Cases are included along with a few others.  Look for that to be published soon for some additional information.

Keep any eye on Sea Run Cases since I've heard rumor of many more great products in the works that will roll out later this year and beyond.
Have questions about the Sea Run Cases?  I'm always happy to sort things out with you by email.  

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