Thursday, July 8, 2021


With summer stream closures out west and east due to high water temperatures that are popping up on my social media and email newsletters, the timing for Keep Fish Wet and Ten and Two Co.'s latest collaborative initiative of "NO FISH DRY JULY" seems about perfect.  It's time for more consideration on where and what we're fishing for and then to make sure our handling practices aren't unknowingly killing fish after they've been released.
Over the years, I've really toned down how often I'm lifting a fish up in front of the camera.  It still happens from time to time but honestly, I'd rather take a photo of a fish in the water so it can breathe while we grab a few snaps.  It seems like a better way to do it and truthfully my ugly mug doesn't need to front and center either.
From the Keep Fish Wet presser...

"Announcing No Fish Dry July,  a new campaign that encourages anglers to ask themselves “Do I really need a photo of that fish?” and challenges them not to take a single fish photo for the month of July.   All month long, in partnership with Ten And Two Co., Keep Fish Wet will be sharing inspiration for fish-less photography and the science behind what happens to fish as water temperatures rise.
With many places in North America enduring extreme drought and water temperatures that are much higher than normal, let's give the fish a break during one of the hottest months of the year by keeping them wet and releasing them quickly. As water temperatures rise, fish become physiologically stressed, increasing the time it takes for them to recover from capture and handling, and increasing the chance of mortality once released. 
Instead, Keep Fish Wet encourages you to post other artful shots showing what else you love about fishing. Follow along on social media as well as at to learn about how fish respond when the water gets warm, how you can tell if fish are stressed, and to see some beautiful fish-less photography. Tag your non-fish pics on Instagram with #NOFISHDRYJULY and follow to be entered to win some amazing prizes from our sponsors - Ten And Two Co., Patagonia Fly Fish, Bajio Sunglasses, and Fulling Mill."
Check out the Keep Fish Wet website for more and look for Ten and Two Co.'s "Summer Release" that is coming soon.