Thursday, July 8, 2021

SNOWMAN CUSTOM ROD WORKS - Bringing Back My Yomogi 703-3

Over the years, we've seen Zeb Tonkavich of Snowman Custom Rod Works go through a few online transitions with how he's sharing the work that he's doing.  He took down his website but is still active on Instagram.  Recently, he began a series of videos on YouTube which is a neat inside look at his shop, methods, and he's taking viewers along as he rebuilds his Ijuin Rods Yomogi 703-3 that was partially eaten by his car door.  (Cringe...)  

There is a lot of production value and information shared in this video and look for future videos to be posted on T.F.M. as they are released.

Follow along with the latest shop news on the Snowman Custom Rod Works Instagram page and subscribe to the I Am Snowman YouTube channel as well.

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