Saturday, September 4, 2021


I really dig the work of artist Ed Anderson and he's collaborating again with West Mountain Drifters with a limited edition Red Rider decal where 100% of the proceeds will benefit those affected by Hurricane Ida.

I ordered up a short stack of them this morning which I plan to send to friends that I've enjoyed a lot of time in the Louisiana marsh and I suggest that you pick up a few as well.  Your $10 (or much more) can go along ways to help and you'll have a neat sticker to remember it all by.

Check out the West Mountain Drifters website for more information and to place your order and hats off to Ed Anderson for making this piece of art available so quickly to help those in need as they rebuild their lives after this devastating hurricane.

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james deloria said...

Love this art! Years ago I was smitten with the Woody Guthrie song "Talking Fishing Blues". In verse 5 he speaks of doing just what this pic depicts. I've been using that line for years when hooking a big one when with a friend. Only thing to do now, "Saddled him up and and rode him into town."