Sunday, September 5, 2021

PAKMULE - Three More Days to Save

If asked what piece of gear that has changed the way that we travel most, the PAKMULE would undoubtably top the list.  It has fundamentally changed how we plan and pack for trips, and both our ORIGINAL and RIDGELINE makes for additional space for gear, keeps items we need most accessible back the back of the vehicle, and gives us a "work station" of sorts for tailgate meals.

As with a lot of things right now, the costs of manufacturing and freight is necessitating a price increase on an already premium product and if you've been considering pulling the trigger on a PAKMULE, the time is now as this coming week the price will bump up.

You can circle back to a few T.F.M. where the PAKMULE has been highlighted HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  You can find more links with PAKMULE info by searching in the "Search T.F.M." box in the bottom right corner of the page.

From PAKMULE...  "We've always been a company that prides ourselves on building lifelong products, built by American workers, in safe and fair work conditions. As a result, our products are never put on sale. Simply put, we offer you the best damn carriers at the best damn prices we can.  Period. 

Although the prices of our ORIGINAL, RIDGELINE, and SWAYBACK are increasing due to the increasing costs of materials and freight, what won't change is the strength, durability, design, and the proud fact that our Carriers are 100% made in Texas.

Starting September 7, 2021, our price of all carriers will increase by $150."

Remember...  Buy Once.  Cry Once. 

If you've been considering a PAKMULE, now is the time to place that order.  

Remember to use code "FLYFISHING" for a set of 6' MULEStraps.

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